Sisters by Chance-Friends by Choice

I made this for a school project. It's a visual interpretation of two short stories (not that any of you care haha) but you can probably find yourself in it! Or your kids!


Sleepover with Kamryn and Kylee!

A couple of weekends ago I had Kamryn and Kylee sleepover at my house. We had a lot of fun. For four-year olds they sure were inquisitive as to why I was the same age as their moms but didn't have kids yet. Kylee decided that I could marry her neighbor Tyler. I asked her if he was a big kid and she affirmed that he was. I found out later from Heidi that Tyler is six.
Making Cookies!

Jumping on Aunt Fressia's bed!

Crashing around 11:30PM!

Up and ready to go at 7:00AM!

Then off to B&N for books and story/craft time!

Five minutes after we left the bookstore: