A FressiaISM

I have noticed:
People who expect much, give little.
People who expect little, give much.
It is such a simple idea:
You get out of "it" what you put into "it".
I realize that I'm young, but in my 27 years I do not recall an exception to the previous sentence.


May - June - July in Review

In May my hair got blonder....

In June I found an apartment to move into in order to avoid the fire breathing roommate. I was tired of living in fear of her going Tanya Harding on me. I've come to the conclusion that girls should NEVER live together unless they're related. And then only sometimes.

So July First I left work early, went to Aunt Terry's to borrow Sandra and the truck and hauled all my stuff out to my cute new place.

Oh yeah, Jarom helped too.

In July I got to see my Dad! He came home from Iraq for 10 days. He met up with his daughters in Vegas! I lost my camera with the majority of those pictures from then. I was SO SAD. Dad bought me an early Christmas present though and got me a new one!

Check out my super-cute, super-pregnant little sister! That's Bostyn Rene in that bump.

So that's a quick update for all of you random people who keep finding my blog! Hello to you all, by the way. I will get around to checking out your blogs and making comments. But life is busy, you know how it is. Next up is pictures of my apartment all put together, and the family reunion.