I think someone is breaking into my apartment.

I think someone breaks in about every week and a half.

Perhaps more frequently; but I only notice every week and a half or so.

I am not living in fear.

I do not believe the intent is to do harm. Or vandalize. Or threaten.

I do believe the intent is simply to ANNOY.

And it's working.

Every two months or so I buy two sets of ten white hangers and one set of five wooden hangers. At any given point in time I calculate that I should have 10-15 spare white hangers and three to four spare wooden hangers.

So why is it that every time I do laundry I somehow have to start putting two tank tops on one white hanger? Doubling up my jeans on one wooden hanger?



A FressiaISM

I have noticed:
People who expect much, give little.
People who expect little, give much.
It is such a simple idea:
You get out of "it" what you put into "it".
I realize that I'm young, but in my 27 years I do not recall an exception to the previous sentence.


May - June - July in Review

In May my hair got blonder....

In June I found an apartment to move into in order to avoid the fire breathing roommate. I was tired of living in fear of her going Tanya Harding on me. I've come to the conclusion that girls should NEVER live together unless they're related. And then only sometimes.

So July First I left work early, went to Aunt Terry's to borrow Sandra and the truck and hauled all my stuff out to my cute new place.

Oh yeah, Jarom helped too.

In July I got to see my Dad! He came home from Iraq for 10 days. He met up with his daughters in Vegas! I lost my camera with the majority of those pictures from then. I was SO SAD. Dad bought me an early Christmas present though and got me a new one!

Check out my super-cute, super-pregnant little sister! That's Bostyn Rene in that bump.

So that's a quick update for all of you random people who keep finding my blog! Hello to you all, by the way. I will get around to checking out your blogs and making comments. But life is busy, you know how it is. Next up is pictures of my apartment all put together, and the family reunion.


Becoming Healthy

I met this guy a while ago, and let's be honest, I was kinda diggin' the guy.
Well, that didn't work out. But don't worry about it because I got something out of it.
Holy crap.
Have you ever gone swimming and dropped your towel in the pool? (Or had it thrown in by someone who thinks they are funny?) That is how wet my towel was. At least it was as wet as that after you wring it out.
Not one part of my clothing was dry. I'm dryer when I get out of the shower.
At certain times weird places were tingling, as if asleep. For example, the front of my ankles, or my upper chest.
Did I mention Bikram Yoga is done in a 110 degree room?
I only felt as though I were going to die for about two minutes.
The rest of the time I just felt as though I were going to pass out.
I'm going again tomorrow morning at six.


Time to Brag..

As of 8:00 AM Friday, May 9th I am officially a
I will have a BA in Literature.
For the first time in my life I finally finished something big.
I am the first in my family to earn a degree.
I must say, I am quite proud of myself.
So what is next, you ask?
For the time being I'm sticking with Wells Fargo.
I've fooled them into thinking I know what I'm doing.
They've just promoted me to Service Manager.
(Basically that is an Assitant Manager.)
I'm going to be an aunt of four in September.
Two boys, two girls.
Brit and Jason are having a baby girl!
Congratulations to them!
They now live in California, so I will see them all the time!
Life is changing and I love it!
I finally feel like my life is beginning.
I don't know exactly why that is, but I like the feeling.
Things are finally going to slow down for me.
Any suggestions of what I can do to fill up all my new found spare time?
No classes after work, no homework after classes.
I wonder how long it will be before I decide to overload myself again.


To Cut or Not To Cut?

I got my hair done last month. Pretty drastic change for me with all that blonde... I rarely do anything to my hair but I needed a change.

I'm thinking of chopping it all off again... What say you?


Sisters by Chance-Friends by Choice

I made this for a school project. It's a visual interpretation of two short stories (not that any of you care haha) but you can probably find yourself in it! Or your kids!


Sleepover with Kamryn and Kylee!

A couple of weekends ago I had Kamryn and Kylee sleepover at my house. We had a lot of fun. For four-year olds they sure were inquisitive as to why I was the same age as their moms but didn't have kids yet. Kylee decided that I could marry her neighbor Tyler. I asked her if he was a big kid and she affirmed that he was. I found out later from Heidi that Tyler is six.
Making Cookies!

Jumping on Aunt Fressia's bed!

Crashing around 11:30PM!

Up and ready to go at 7:00AM!

Then off to B&N for books and story/craft time!

Five minutes after we left the bookstore:


Time to Catch Up...

My cousin gave my blog its original look since I have no time (or proper programs) to do it myself.

I love Love LOVE hanging out with my little cousin Sandra but since she is growing up (fifteen!!) she has gotten all social and popular and hasn't had time for her old cousin. A couple of weekends ago Aunt Terry and Uncle Joe went to Texas (and visited my mom) so I got to stay with Sandra for a few days. Since she HAD to hang out with me, I took advantage of it. We went longboarding, shopping, to the movies, soccer games, and made cupcakes. These are some pictures from shopping, just hanging out and a couple from one of her soccer games.

Then there was the trip to LA to see WICKED again! I love that play. Loved it last year, loved it even more this year. It was another "girls" trip - Aunt Terry, Sandra, her friend Chelsea, Heidi, her friend Elisha, and I all went. We left on Thursday morning and made pretty good time despite the bathroom breaks for those who are pregnant, those with old bladders, and those who just plain ol' have use the facilities nearly constantly!

Got into some trouble in Palm Springs... but everything turned out fine!

Here are pictures from before the play. I highly recommend this play AND THE BOOK. =)

After the play!

And lastly, our fun on Hollywood Boulevard the next morning!

It was a FANTABULOUS time! Can't wait until next year!