I've been tagged...(Thanks Heid)

4 jobs I've had
1. Gymnastics Coach
2. Gymnastics Coach
3. Gymnasics Coach
4. Wells Fargo

4 movies I can watch over and over
1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
2. Top Gun
3. Raising Helen
4. Pursuit of Happyness

4 places I have lived
1. Gilbert, AZ
2. Indian Wells, CA
3. Chicago, IL
4. Rexburg, ID

4 Guilty Pleasures
1. Watches
2. Blogging
3. Pedicures
4. JCrew/Banana

4 places I have been on Vacation
1. Turlock, CA
2. Spokane, WA
3. Palm Desert/Indian Wells, CA EVERY summer growing up, (it was the highlight of my year)
4. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

4 favorite foods
1. Taco Bell
2. Maple Donut
3. Mom's Spaghetti
4. Homemade tacos

4 websites I visit
1. Gmail
2. Facebook
3. Blogs
4. ASU

4 places I'd rather be right now
1. the future
2. Mom and Dad's
3. the movies
4. Lake Powell

4 books I love (I like this one)
1.Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
2.The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
3.Wicked by Gregory Maguire
4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

4 things I would like to know how to do
2.play the piano
3.calm down
4.swim correctly

4 things I worry about
1. my family
2. myself
3. my future
4. getting skin cancer

4 happy moments
1. When any niece or nephew is born
2. Brit getting engaged
3. being able to walk normally
4. wakeboarding again

4 things I want to do in the future
1. graduate
2. have a family
3. figure out the tricks to life
4. build a hope chest

4 people I am tagging
1. Nikki Whitehead
2. Cami Hales
3. Kristy Reese
4. Sabrina Bollenberg


What time is it?

Here are some pictures of my latest project... it's a clock. I've made a few of them. My neice Kylee is helping me with it. I started this project when I was staying with Heidi in her beautiful new home. It takes me a while to finish these clocks, just ask my best friend in the whole wide world Kindra, she's still waiting for the motor for her clock. It hangs on her wall with the hands and everything, but it won't tell you the correct time. The motor is down in my closet. It came in a package from Clockparts.com about three weeks ago. I just opened the package this morning. Yes, my life is that busy. I opened the package this morning because I remembered that I bought a cute, little three dollar, red watch from that website too. I wore red shirt to work today (it's Friday, we always wear RED on Fridays. Red is my favorite color) and I wanted to wear it. Anyway, now the clock-in-progress is under my bed. It's got the name on it. Still missing numbers. So instead of putting the numbers on it I'm updating my blog. My blog is my fun thing since I can't do anything else. If I go out to play volleyball with people from work or play games with my cousins I'll feel guilty because I should be doing homework. Or sending Kindra her clock motor...



There's nothing quite like a soda.

I woke up late this morning so I didn't get out of the house until about 7:05 AM. Because of this I had to skip my daily trip to the QuikTrip... all morning all I could think about was my soda! (And no, I'm not addicted - I drink unleaded Diet Coke now.) I ran over to QuickTrip on my lunch and filled up, only to find that they are out of blue lids... I'm kind of spill-prone and I just got the interior of my car shampooed... luckily there were no mishaps today. I didn't even spill on my shirt! And I'll post the after-lunch picture to prove it! (Actually - I'm just posting this picture because people have complained that I write too much on my blogs and I need to put more pictures. And because I think I'm hot...) Anway, back to my soda... I sat in my car drinking my soda and listening to KTAR NewsRadio (catchin' up on my current events) and I thought, "This is heaven." Soda is my peaceful place. It's like my stress reliever. Not that I'm stressed out ever.... I'm pretty much the most relaxed person I know.

The picture is Kipp. I work with him and I wear his name tag everyday. According to Kipp it's because we are "a couple." That's what he tells the people who ask why we are named the same... it makes no sense... but if you know Kipp that wouldn't confuse you at all.


First Time Wakeboarding Since My Accident

January 22, 2005 I blew my knee out wakeboarding. Not your typical "blow my knee out" ACL incident, but literally tore EVERYTHING that held my knee together. I had four reconstructive surgeries over the next eight months and LOTS of physical therapy. I hadn't wakeboarded since then, until yesterday. I went out with an old friend and some of his friends. I got up on the first try, popped right out of the water! I didn't get hurt and I did really well, despite being more scared of something than I think I've ever been.... here are some pictures from yesterday.

Check out my bionic looking leg...

This is Barry, he owns the boat...

Here is Davey...

Tubing has to be one of my favorite things - I always have the most fun on the tube...

Here's me and Davey on the tube...

And some more random ones...