Becoming Healthy

I met this guy a while ago, and let's be honest, I was kinda diggin' the guy.
Well, that didn't work out. But don't worry about it because I got something out of it.
Holy crap.
Have you ever gone swimming and dropped your towel in the pool? (Or had it thrown in by someone who thinks they are funny?) That is how wet my towel was. At least it was as wet as that after you wring it out.
Not one part of my clothing was dry. I'm dryer when I get out of the shower.
At certain times weird places were tingling, as if asleep. For example, the front of my ankles, or my upper chest.
Did I mention Bikram Yoga is done in a 110 degree room?
I only felt as though I were going to die for about two minutes.
The rest of the time I just felt as though I were going to pass out.
I'm going again tomorrow morning at six.